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Region 11 Soar Truckee - Day Three a TAT

Happy Wednesday!  Hello from the "Wild Cherries Coffee House."  While our pack of amazing soaring gods are out playing in the sky, I get to search out neat places that have food and an Internet connection so that I can inform you about what is going on.  Today's task is another TAT to the southeast.  At our 0900 staff meeting Peter Kelly advised us that the lift was only going to be good up to 13,000 feet at best to the north, so it was back to the southeast where higher altitudes would be available.  This is often the norm in the Reno area.  So, the first target is Hawthorne (turnpoint 27) with a 15 mile radius and then onto Glass Mountain (turnpoint 26) with a 30 mile radius.  The minimum time is 2:45.

At the pilot's briefing Sergio, C2, talked about an areas of possible convergence between the two turnpoints.  Steve, GW, once again talked about his winning flight.

Don and I adjusted start points for a couple of the pilots on Tuesday and we also found that the Winscore handicaps didn't agree in all cases with the SSA handicaps so you may see some changes in the scores.

Today's launch went well with all of the great help from the Soar Truckee staff.  We had one relight due to elusive thermals not being in the correct location (he paid me off to not mention his name) and then another ship landed to change batteries in his O2 system. The gate opened at 1256.  Once again we are not being bothered by smoke from the nearby forest fire (west of us).


Posted: 8/14/2013


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