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Region 11 Soar Truckee - Day Two Start

Day Two.  At the meeting this morning GW gave a very nice talk about his winning flight on Day One.  He also talked about his positive experiences with PowerFLARM.  When he asked how many pilots were using it in the contest, everybody raised a hand.

Day Two's task is a TAT to Lucky Boy Pass (33) with a five mile radius and then to Lee Vining (31) with a 20 mile radius.  As I write this some of the ships are in the southern part of the task.  Three pilots were up most of the night on the ground retrieve of JH from Mammoth Lakes airport so they are standing down today and another in the group wasn't feeling great so we only launched five sailplanes today. 

When I stand on the upper deck here at Soar Truckee I can't see a cloud, but the smoke from the forest fire is visible to the west.  We have been lucky with the smoke as it has been blowing north from the fire and staying west of Truckee.

Time passes.  DL just called in at ten miles out.  Time to get out the camera!


Posted: 8/13/2013


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