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Region 11 Soar Truckee - Two land outs on Day One

It was a long day as you can see by looking at the first run of scores.  Congratulations to GW, Steve, for flying his ASW-27 to first place for the day.  Tony, 1A, landed at Carson City and was aero retrieved.  Earlier, Soar Truckee had dispatched a Pawnee to Mammoth Lakes to retrieve JH, Key, but the Pawnee Pilot decided that he wasn't going to make it to Mammoth and back before dark so he radioed Soar Truckee Base where Sam set up PK and 1B to hook up Key's trailer and away they went.  I hope that they spend the night down there and get some rest.  The smoke mentioned in the previous post remained west of Truckee during the day.  I estimate that at one time in the afternoon that there was a wall of smoke twenty miles away blowing from south to north.

Luke, SD1, mentioned noticing a sailplane on the ground at Mammoth, not realizing at the time that it was JH.  What a sport!  One ASW-27 lands out while another ASW-27 zooms along thousands of feet above and completes the task and another ASW-27 wins the day!

Note that Harry in 3CA pushed a Pegasus down and back--nice going!


Posted: 8/12/2013


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