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Region 11 Soar Truckee - Gliders on course for day one

Hello Race Fans, We have 9 sailplanes on the way after practice on Saturday (4 pilots) and Sunday (6 pilots).  When I drove up from Air Sailing and Reno this morning there was smoke in what we call the Truckee Meadows (Reno) but when I arrived at Truckee the sky was very nice.  There is a fire to the west and we may have smoke collecting later in the day as it did yesterday.  The task for today is a TAT to turnpoint 17, Coyote Flats, way to the southeast, with a 30 mile radius and a 3.5 hour minimum time.  Sergio wanted to go for it (a long task on the Sierras) today thinking that there may not be another chance like this during the remainder of the contest.  Don Brown's scoring sheet says that the minimum distance is 271.1 miles and that the max is 391.  Good luck to all the pilots.  We allow water and the first takeoff was DL in his wet ASG-29 behind the "Pickle," the green Pawnee.  It took a long ground run to get into the air here at Truckee's 5,900 foot elevation.  We have one pilot flying his first contest, Harry Fox, but he has years of experience flying out of Truckee with BASA and the others are all very experineced with one national champ in the pack. Can you guess who that is?

Lee Edling, CD



Posted: 8/12/2013


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