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Region 10 South - Cloudy Skies on Saturday

"That was the most fun I have ever had flying a glider!" said Sylvia Szafarczyk, our homegrown contender and first place finisher for day 5.  The first ever Regionals to be hosted by SCOH concluded Friday evening with a traditional Texas BarBQue dinner and awards ceremony.  First place in the Sports Class went to Texan, Bill Snead, flying his Libelle 6W.  Winner among the FAI Combined Class was visiting South Carolinian, Al Tyler, 8H, who says he's ready to make a deposit on next year's contest.

We were 5 for 5, with three terrific practice days for those who could sneak away early.  Good thing the last scheduled day was Friday, for Saturday's skies refused to produce anything good enough for more than short demos and instructional flights.  Rain surrounded the airfield, precluding the possibility of a youth record flight by Michael Oliver, UN, who wanted to fly just one more day.  Day five winner, Sylvia, took the day off, but hopes to get in just one more flight on Sunday before heading back to her army helicopter duties.

No contest can succeed without a cadre of eager pilots, willing crews and awesome volunteers.  SCOH was blessed with all three.  Thanks go to the line crews, the tow pilots, the cooks, crews, scorers, timers, the CD and pilots.  What an amazing first time contest & one that we eagerly look forward to repeating.  Special thanks to Rhonda Tyler, Perry Contest Mgr, for her guidance and support.  Hope to see you next year!

Posted: 8/10/2013


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