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Region 10 South - The Horse Race is On

We didn't realize that we'd need to rename the SCOH field as a racetrack when we started this venture, but here we are entering the final day with a close race in both classes.

Yesterday's winners closed the leads held by Al Tyler (8H) and Bill Snead (6W) to just 36 and 20 points respectively.  With another blue day on tap and a 2hr 45min task challenge, the race is on.  All but three made it around the course yesterday, with two landing at local airports and one off field.  Cell phones, heavy accents and no SPOT present opportunities for creative crewing for crewless pilots.  After perhaps 15 phone calls, mis-identification of a pick-up location and encounters with multiple "country dogs," he was suuccessfully retrieved.

Today CD Ken Sorenson has called another MAT, but certainly not a "banquet task."  Both classes will head further south than yesterday, to Ward, attempting to reach the cloud field.  Their course will then keep them away from western turnpoints where the lift is expected to be weaker.  So, trapped between the weaker lift and the Class B airspace of Houston Intercontinental, the course runs NW to PK Ranch, Navasota, Bonner, Rolling Hills, Gates Ranch, Chapel Hill, back to PK Ranch, then Fairweather & Wherever...

All have strict orders to return to SCOH for Texas BarBQue and the Awards Banquet.  The turnpoints are arranged to make that happen.

Posted: 8/9/2013


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