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Nephi Utah OLC/Cross Country Camp - Pre camp day one (Monday August 5th)

Weather forecast was for good conditions to the south and west of Nephi.  Cloud bases were expected to be from 16,000 to 18,000 feet and scattered Cu across the area.  A practice turn area task was called to Monroe Peak to the South and then West to Cricket Mountain.  Pilots could fly the task or just go for fun OLC flights.

Cu started popping early at around 10 am but being the first day first launches were not ready until nearly 1:00.  The first Dou off (Bjork/LaSor) had a low save back at the airport after towing east.  Once the house thermals were located it was a rapid climb out just off the end of the runway for most of the rest of the pilots.

Most of the pilots decided to run south toward Beaver first, working cloud streets in the 15 to 17K range.  Nick Kennedy (T) decided to continue south to near Cedar City for a 775 km O/R.  SF (Bjork/LaSor) tuned west at Beaver and flew to the Nevada boarder before turning for Nephi for a 667 km flight and 620 km triangle.  Bruno Vassel (B4) decided to go west first flying to Nevada and then turning east and flying to the ridge east of Panguitch, Utah before turning for Nephi for a 809 km flight.  Most pilots were on final glider at more than 70 miles out.


The average flight distance for ten gliders posting to the OLC was over 500 km and smiles were all around for a great day of streets flying in the southern and western quadrates of the tasking areas.


Posted: 8/8/2013


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