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Region 10 South - Great Day with lots of smiles

Yesterday's task lived up to expectations, providing heights of 6,000 ft with lift as much as 5-8 knots.  There were lots of happy pilots on the deck for beer and tacos, followed by fresh peach Blue Bell ice cream supplied by Joan Lazar, crew for Ron Rose of Austin.  (She spent the afternoon on a creamery tour.)  All pilots made it around the task, making it a 1000 point day for both classes.   

Two generous hearted club members offered to retrieve 77X who landed just 10 miles south of the field.  One said "I really want to experience a contest retrieve!"  Be careful what you wish for!  They headed down the road, shucking tire treads along the way.  Reaching the field, finding it locked, they contacted the local sheriff through 911.  After negotiating with the deputy, changing a tire, loading the sailplane...they found the other tire had shucked most of its tread.  Now what?  Realizing dinner was probably disappearing at the clubhouse, they headed back, slowly, followed by the deputy who was invited to join us.  Never a dull moment on "one of those contest retrieves!"

Today's weather looks a little less certain.  The Sports Class has a 3.5hr TAT heading NW to Caldwell, South to Kleihege, NE to Bedias Ranch and then home.  For a nominal distance of 195.36 miles. 

The FAI Combined has an AST assigned, but maybe changed.  They will fly 216.17 miles to Caldwell, Kleihege, Madisonville and then home.  Their B task, should it be needed, will turn the same turnpoints into a 3.5 hr TAT.  The launch starts in 27 minutes with the launch team promising LESS time than yesterday's 57 minutes.

Watch Houston's KTRK, Channel 13 for today's highlights.  Club member Val  Paget has been working diligently to cultivate media attention with some great successes.

Posted: 8/6/2013


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