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Region 3 - Region 3 Contest Wrap Up

Well another Region 3 is in the books. This is Sean Murphy [XC] and I did my best to be Contest Manager and fly this contest. I was able to pull it off but not without tons of help. I hope I didn't forget anyone but here  it goes. Thank yous go out to:

  • CD-Jacquie Doherty

  • Weatherman-Richard Kellerman

  • Scorer-Doug Martin

  • Tow Pilots-Butch Thompson, Brian Glick, Rick Lafford, Dave Welles, JT McMaster, Mike Randolph

  • Operations Manager -Mitch Johnson

  • Previous Contest Manager and helpful person - Janell Sullivan
  • Registration/Retrieve Office-Samantha Olsen

  • Line Crew-HHSC Junior Organization

  • Reporter - Janine Acee
  • Pre-Registeration - Rebecca Murphy (my wife)
  • Everything and Anything - Corky Gill, Joanie Whiting, Brian and Becky Riegal

  •  Kabob Dinner -Moses and Sophie Acee and team AC

  • Italian Night-Gary Laudone, the Greens, Mark Vandyke and Larurie Barber, Burk Carson

  • Chicken BBQ-Janell Sullivan, Tom Berry &  Jrs

The contest was marked with great social events and challenging flying. The weather was flyable, the tasks were "do-able" to quote one of our task advisors. As many found out, if you didn't do it just right, you were going to land away. 

I received many positive comments about the Harris Hill Juniors. If you don't have enough young people in your club, work to change that! Young people add so much to a club. There is so much more energy and it gives a club a sense of purpose. The experience and responsibilty of learning to fly changes awkward kids into productive adults. Being an instructor or mentor to these fine young people is a pleasure. Growing up as a Jr member and now as Sr member I have been twice rewarded by this fine program.

Posted: 8/3/2013


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