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Region 3 - FAI Day 5 and Sports Day 4

Hello from Harris Hill. This is Sean Murphy [XC]. As contest manager it falls to me to write this last report as John Seymour [SM] and SM crew Janine Acee had to leave the contest a day early. Janine has been doing a fine job as reporter. I would like to thank her and all the volunteers that made Region 3 happen this year. 

The flying was brutal. As you can see the FAI class flew 5 days and the Sports class got in 4 - pretty good for this part of the world. I'm here to tell you that not one of them was a straight forward cross country flight. No one in the FAI class made it home every day.

With SM gone to a wedding, I filled in as task advisor. At the task setting meeting weatherman Richard Kellerman tried to make heads or tails of conflicting models. This was typical of the complicated weather patterns we have seen all week. The NAM refused to concede that the front had already past us and the Rapid Update Cycle model wasn't so swift either. In the end, we set two triangular TAT tasks for each class one to the SE and the NW. In the end we went with what we saw in the sky and not what we saw on the computer screen and sent folks NW first.

The FAI class launched first and a couple of guys started right away. Other FAI's and the bulk of the sports class started :30-:45 minutes later. The first leg was into a quartering headwind and my speed was discouragingly slow - 42 mph at times. Trying to follow streets led to some screwy turnpoint geometry which didn't help the cause.

Leg two was directly crosswind for our class and it was blowing up to 21 mph on some readings. The thermals were shredded pretty well and it seemed like work not play.

Those who planned on going deep in the southern turnpoints found a band of cirrus had shadowed the far reaches making such a plan unworkable. 

The trip home got better and better and most finished with stories to tell. A couple of our heros fell in holes and had their bad day for the contest.

Sports Class

Start 3 Start Cylinder 5.0
- 26 Prattsburg 25.0
- 15 MansfieldBrg 20.0
Finish 2 Finish Line 1.0

1st place [XN] Nikola Gradinski 

2nd place [FZ] Daniel Zelek

3rd place [KK] Tony Weiderkehr

FAI Class

Start 3 Start Cylinder 5.0
- 26 Prattsburg 10.0
- 29 Grand Canyon 15.0
- 27 Towanda 15.0
Finish 2 Finish Line 1.0

1st place Chris Ungerman [D]

2nd place Sean Murphy [XC]

3rd place Andy Gough [44]


Posted: 8/3/2013


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