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Region 3 - FAI Day 4 and Sports Day 3

Region 3 - Harris Hill - Elmira NY
August 2 – FAI Contest Day 4 and Sports Contest 3
Before I report on today, I have to mention yesterday afternoon and evening. The front went through mid Thursday afternoon and gave us dry air and absolutely beautiful soaring conditions: 6000ft cloudbases and up to 6kts lift, with cloud streets around the clock.  John Seymour [SM] and Gregg Leslie [GL] took advantage of the situation and flew a 150 mile MAT, mostly to the north where the weather was best.  Then, with a ridge wind blowing on front of the Hill all evening, they provided us with an hours’ worth of entertainment: solo and dual high-speed passes along the runway, touch-and-go’s, buzzing the Weissenbuehler and Hudson houses and people on the brow. A Harris Hill tradition, it is great fun for both pilot and spectator!
The aforementioned front was stalled over the east coast today.  The forecast called for overdevelopment, towering cu, and showers.  We had all three by noon launch.  The cycling weather played a major factor today and if you got caught in one of the down cycles, you were toast, as you can tell by the number of landouts.  The Sports Class launched first and stayed on their original 2.5 hr TAT task of Towanda, Westfield and return (with circle radii of 20 and 30 miles, respectively).  The FAI Class started later and by then the same task area looked grim, so they switched to a 2 hr MAT with Caton as the final turnpoint.
In the FAI class, Justin McMaster [JM] stayed mostly to the north and had a great run, racing between the Jolamtra, Monterey, and Watkins Glen turnpoints, averaging over 60 mph…No small feat today!  (And, by the way, this day win and the one on Day 2 are the first two of his contest career, so he is having a good week.)  Tim Welles also had a solid flight to retain the overall lead in the FAI class.  Roy and Ryan McMaster [1] won the day in Sports with what Roy thinks is his slowest ever day winning speed (30 mph), but, hey, a win is a win.  Team 1 retains the top position in Sports.
The Juniors put on a delicious chicken dinner tonight.  They also honored Janell Sullivan who, after 12 years, is stepping down as advisor.  Tom Berry is taking on the role and has some big shoes to fill!
I will be off to a family reunion Saturday, so someone else will be reporting on the last day.
Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/2/2013


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