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Region 3 - No Contest Day

Region 3 - Harris Hill - Elmira NY
August 1 – No Contest Day
There is a low pressure to our north over Toronto and one to our south over central Pennsylvania.  Unfortunately, we are caught right between the two.  Showers this morning and possibly heavy rain later today.  The southern low is expected to clear out by tomorrow, but Richard thinks the northern low may give us problems over the next couple of days.  We shall see.  At this point, at least, we have a contest for both classes.
When Nikola Gradinski finished giving his winners speech this morning, Uncle Hank commented, “Nice to see a winner who doesn’t have gray hair!”  Yes, indeed!  And Nikola isn’t the only under-35 pilot here.  There are several and they are all flying well: JP Stewart [PF], Andy Brayer [ND], JT McMaster [HH1], Ryan McMaster team flying with Roy [1], and Rachel Conklin, Michelle Conklin, and Calvin Mampe taking turns flying with Hank Nixon [K21].
Young people also of note are the Harris Hill Juniors.  We have another great group this contest and they are all working hard: two teams handling the launches, running the Retrieve Office and going out on retrieves, serving lunches every day, helping crewless pilots rig and de-rig.  They conduct themselves professionally and confidently, knowing when to hustle and get to work and when to kick back and have fun.  This contest would not be the same without their help. 
And in case you haven’t noticed, five McMaster men (three generation’s worth) are involved in this contest: Roy’s middle son Justin is flying Roy’s ASW-27; Roy and middle grandson Ryan are flying the club Duo; eldest grandson JT is flying the club Discus; and youngest grandson David is crewing and helping on the line.  Justin’s wife, Karen, has her hands full looking after all her pilots!
Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 8/1/2013


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