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Region 3 - FAI Day 3 and Sports Day 2

Region 3 - Harris Hill - Elmira NY
July 31 – FAI Contest Day 3 & Sports Contest Day 2
Today was the warmest and sunniest day of the week. There was high cirrus all day, which did cause some problems (see below). Richard called for better weather than the past two days, uniform lift of 4-6 kts to 6000 ft, light winds out of the southeast.
Both classes had the same TAT: northwest to Loon Lake then southeast to Canton Lake, with big 25 mile circles around both turnpoints; FAI 2.5 hours and Sports 2 hours.  The general thinking was it would be stronger to the north and I heard quite a few pilots talking about maxing out that circle.  But like yesterday, the exact opposite was the case.  The cirrus shadows created soft conditions in the Bath-Avoca-Savona area.  We had a few landouts there and many reports of “scratching gravel” for a half hour to an hour. That was as far north as most went.  The weather to the southeast of Elmira was much better, with strong conditions as forecast and solid cloud streets.
Andy Gough [44] and Nikola Gradinski [XN] took first for the day in the FAI and Sports Class respectively.  They told similar stories of starting out in weak conditions, not going far into the first circle and then enjoying the second half of the flight.  John Seymour [SM] and Team 1, Ryan and Roy McMaster, hold onto to the top spots overall.  Also of note today was Matt McKrell [6H] who started out very late in the day but made it home.  His second place finish was a personal contest best.  Congratulations Matt!
Some of you may remember that Tim Welles [W3] was one of two people who took the wrong task sheet and flew the wrong task one day at Mifflin this year.  Well, the Harris Hill Juniors remembered.  A stealth team led by JT and Ryan McMaster made 400 copies of yesterday’s task sheet and covered the inside of Tim’s trailer and cockpit with them.  Tim was a good sport about it, but he wouldn’t rig until they cleaned it all up.  Nice work Juniors!  We haven’t seen such a good contest prank up here since an earlier generation of Juniors papered and duct taped Andy McQuigg’s trailer.
Tonight we dined Italian at the Youth Camp.  Thanks to Gary and Debbie Laudone and other HHSC members who coordinated this delicious event.  We’ve been eating well and way too much this week!
Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 7/31/2013


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