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Region 3 - FAI Day 2 and Sports No Contest Day

Region 3 - Harris Hill - Elmira NY
July 30 – Contest Day 2: FAI and No Contest Day: Sports
Richard said there was a good chance for overdevelopment and we had just that in all quadrants from mid-morning on. Tasks were eventually scaled back to MATs. The FAI Class started at 13:45 with a 2 hr MAT. Jacquie kept pushing back the Sports Class start but all the relights forced the inevitable: the Sports Class task was canceled at 14:00 for a No Contest Day.
The clouds cycled all day. While we were waiting on the grid, the areas to the south and southeast consistently looked the best. However, once in the air, the sun was shining in the north and east so that’s where the handful of FAI finishers went: John Seymour [SM], Sean Murphy [XC], and Justin McMaster [JM] stayed to the north while Tim Welles [W3] headed to points east. Like yesterday, conditions could be very good or very bad.  The good was cruising along cloud streets and 4-6 kt thermals.

Justin was low and literally cursing at advisor Seymour when SM recommended opening the task, but he (Justin) ended up winning the day with a speed of 48.12/42.34 mph.  SM also had a good day and leaped to the top of the overall scoresheet.
Roy McMaster and Joanie Yanusas held an appetizer party at Roy’s Round House just off the south end of the runway. Special guest was Bob and one of three timber rattlesnakes he recently caught on Roy’s property (the rattler in a box, of course).  The snakes are tagged and returned to the wild for monitoring.
Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 7/30/2013


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