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Region 3 - Contest Day 1

Region 3 - Harris Hill - Elmira NY
July 29 – Contest Day 1

Richard forecasted a fun day, with cu starting at noon (we had a sky full by 11am), bases at 6500 with 3-5 kt thermals on average, and light to moderate WSW winds.  It was expected to shower or overdevelop to the north and west, so the task avoided those areas. 

Both classes had the same TAT (Candor – 15 mi radius, Towanda – 15, Middlebury – 20) with 3 hrs for FAI and 2 hrs for Sports. The launch started at 11:50 and pretty much everyone was out on task by 1pm.
The day was a mixed bag and not all fun. It could be very good (80-85 mph on cloud streets) or very bad (scratching gravel). Being able to change gears quickly and being patient was key. On average, thermals were not as strong as forecast, but there were some good 3-5 knotters. The first leg was strong, but everyone had problems somewhere along the second and third legs due to the recycling weather. About a third of the fleet landed out. This was Harris Hill Juniors Samantha and Evan Olson’s first day in the Retrieve Office so it was a little trial-by-fire for them, but they did a great job and kept their cool.

Tim Welles [W3] worked some good cloud streets and came away with the fastest speed (61.61 actual/51.45 handicapped) and longest distance (189/158 miles) for the day, winning the FAI Class. The younger generation placed 1-2-3 in Sports: [1] Team 1 - Ryan McMaster with grandfather Roy, [2] Team K21 - Rachel Conklin with Hank Nixon, and [3] JP Stewart flying Peter Pfortner’s LS-8.  Way to go guys and gal!

Team AC, Moe and Sophie Acee (aka my parents), put on tonight’s dinner at the Youth Camp, featuring shish-kabob and stuffed grape leaves.  Much work went in this event and they received a well-deserved standing ovation.
Janine Acee
SM Ground

Posted: 7/29/2013


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