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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day 2 - We weren't expecting this wind so early

We were 2/3 thru the launch today and the winds started swirling around in the valley, gusting up to 20mph.  We switched to Runway 21 which had winds right down the runway at the launch point but a greater than 45 degree cross wind at the far end.  We launched 3 more ships on 21 and everyone who went through the gate got away except the last ship through the gate at 2 pm coming back without doing the task.  That was Z9, who won Day 1.

One Air Force ship launched just before we switched runways and landed back quickly.  It just happened that the remaining 3 AF ships were at the back of the grid.  When the winds caused everything to get a little crazy, they checked the weather through their sources and determined that there would be strong gusty winds across the task area that would not just make for difficult flying on course, but could be a major issue when landing back at ASI.  They put their ships away and went in to Reno - perhaps to do some tubing on the Truckee, which would be a great thing to do in this heat!

The winds lasted for about 45 minutes and dried everything up. 

The task was a 3 hour MAT with Dayton Valley as the first turn (appx. 40 miles to the South).  Except for Z9, everyone completed the task.  It got pretty exciting as all 10 pilots landed in strong, gusty winds on RW 21 in less than 30 minutes.

Everyone reported struggling in the blue and getting beat up when they tried to climb or soar over the peaks.  The speeds were slow and I heard comments like "That was character building", "I'm just happy that I'm back", and some comments that I won't include here.  The call was the right one for the day, though for a different reason.  

Matt Herron (Jr.), 22T, in a Ventus B-1 won the day flying 184.45 miles (164.16 hndcp) at a  handicapped speed of 51.70.  Kerry Richards, P9, who took 2nd on Day 1, was second again today and took the overall lead over JJ who came in 3rd for the day.

Tomorrow is a rest day and, from what my expert advisors (not on the field) tell me, we should have great soaring weather from Thursday through Saturday.


Posted: 7/16/2013


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