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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Day 1 - Not as strong as predicted

Based on the weather, the task committee was concerned that there would be over development to the South later in the day, so the primary task was a 3.5 hour TAT with Sweetwater, 30 mile radius, as the first turn.  The TFR over the Pinenuts was lifted, so they could run down to Mt. Siegal and then come back North to Milford via Hazen.

The launch went well but everyone was struggling to get altitude and we had some re-lights.  We began to hear reports from pilots flying out of Truckee, to the West, who were getting above 14,000 so the task was changed to a 2.5 hour MAT with Constantia as a first turn.  The gate opened at 2:10 and the fleet was quickly on their way.

Though the day did not develop as predicted, most pilots reported lift up to 10 knots along the course and altitudes between 13 and 15 with at least one pilot getting to 16.  This was a day to ignore the clouds and look for lift where you would expect it - often in the blue.

Preliminary scores show (18 year old) Michael Marshall in an ASW-20C winning with a handicapped speed of 74.68 over 187.78 (hndcp) miles.  Way to go Michael!


Posted: 7/15/2013


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