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Air Sailing Sports Class Contest - Fantastic practice day

We launched 16 ships and called a task that gave them a "tour" around the area.  We had to keep them north due to the TFR that extended almost the entire length of the Pinenut mountains.  The Bison fire that started as a result of a lightening strike last week is now 100% contained, so we should not have that restriction for the contest.

It was to be a cloudless sky according to the weather forecast, but there were cloud streets in all directions by 3:00 pm.  Several people came really close to Reno Class C airspace - being tempted by a cloud street that went right down the middle.

The scores don't reflect the strength of the day because so many people got back early.  But no one is asking for a change in the weather except the folks on the ground in the heat.  One of the pilots remarked - "If it weren't for the contest, I would have done my diamond flight!".  


Posted: 7/14/2013


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