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Region 10 Low Performance Contest - Day Scurbbed

Well we gave it our best shot today. Wind was not as strong as Hutchinson was forecasting but was brisk. 6W offered to launch first to check things out and found some weak climbs to 2500 AGL. Everyone interested in flying today gridded, which was about half of the pilots. A few others were launched and everyone was mostly able to hang on but never found a climb better than 2 knots to 3000 AGL. The wind was blowing them about 20 mph and just staying local was a challenge. We were waiting for at least 3 knots above 3000 AGL before launching the rest when some Cirrus moved in and the soaring stopped improving. At 3 PM the day was cancelled. Dartanyan still took a tow and soared for a little while. Bob Holliday launched in his PIK-20E and was able to find lift, reporting good weather to the west, but well out of range for our lower performance gliders.

Right now prep is on for the banquet tonight. All pilots are still here except for two and we'll have a good group for dinner. Bob brought his bicycle powered ice cream maker and a batch just got finished. Almost all the gliders are away, its a hot but nice day here in Kansas.

We've had a great contest even though the soaring wasn't that great for the actual contest. Everyone had a lot of fun, the practice day and Day 1 were excellent, and we all are looking forward to next year.

Posted: 7/7/2013


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