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Region 10 Low Performance Contest - Rain

Good morning,

Well I thought the morning rains were over but apparently  not. We're currently getting the most rain we've had all week. Once the rain stops the wind is forecast to pick up as strong as yesterday and the soaring forecast looks much worse than yesterday.

Yesterday Bob Holliday launched in his PIK-20E about 3:45 and even by then the thermals were so torn up he couldn't make a complete turn in lift. Most pilots and crews went into town for tours of the Salt Mine or Kansas Cosmosphere, or both. I went to Cheney Reservoir with the WBY team for a swim in nice cool water to beat the heat.

Forecast for tomorrow isn't looking too promising either but we'll give it a try in the morning and otherwise have the banquet in the evening before going back to the real world on Monday.

Posted: 7/6/2013


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