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Region 10 Low Performance Contest - Day 1 Afternoon

Well the day was a little late starting thanks to a bit of Cirrus from the rain to the east and the best we could figure out a blast of cool air from outflow from another line of the morning showers collapsing out by Medicine Lodge. The sniffer went up twice and after his second landing the first three on the grid launched, had better luck and the rest of the grid followed. Task opened at 2:55 and everyone was out on course within 30 minutes. There were only 3 relights today, the sky looks AWESOME with a great line of clouds just east of the airport heading for the big circle at Anthony.

I've heard a few reports on the radio of pilots at 10,000 feet so I hope to see a lot of smiling faces later this afternoon. That's all for now, more later.

Posted: 7/4/2013


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