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Region 10 Low Performance Contest - Thursday Morning

Good Morning!

A little more rain again overnight but I think we'll be dry for the rest of the day. Should clear up, heat up, and we'll have another great soaring day here in Kansas. Wind is looking to return to average Kansas levels after a few days of nearly calm.

Rafael has just arrived with his 172 towplane so we'll have a full fleet of 3 Cessna's towing today and should be able to get the fleet launched quickly. Yesterday we had only one and still only needed about 1:15 to get the practice grid launched.

Some intro's for you readers. Today we'll introduce the Wooden gliders at the contest:

ABB - Jerry Boone flying his Duster. This Duster is the one that was built by JJ Sinclair

NG1 - Chad Wille in the Niedrauer NG-1, a one-off modified BG-12

YYY - Pete VonTresckow flying the Cherokee II

DT - Dartanyan Ingram flying his 14.5 meter Pioneer IID. No Tail, No Problem!

11 - Lauren Rezac flying the Wichita Soaring Associations Ka-6cr

WBY - Matt Michael in his Woodstock. A flying masterpiece of fine woodworking.

KD - Bob Hinson in his Duster, this one built by Doug Bell

6M - Matt Gonitzke in his freshly restored Standard Austria SH-1

Later we'll cover the Metal and Composite ships. More after the pilots meeting!

Posted: 7/4/2013


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