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Region 10 Low Performance Contest - Wednesday Report

Racing Fans,

Sorry for no updates today, I had trouble logging in. We had a good practice day with almost all gliders in the contest taking a tow. We were greeted this morning to cloudy skies and some light rain! Where did that come from??? While we were in the pilots meeting and I was assuring everyone that the rain was over and the day would heat up fine, it rained more! We still gridded at noon although the launch didn't start until shortly after 1 PM. There were some relights but most everyone who launched was able to climb. Several started out on course although some didn't make it far. Some landed out but a few came back to the airport to land and call it a day.

The task was a 2 turnpoint TAT to Turon and Norwich, generally Southwest and South of the airport. 2.5 hr minimum time. Gliders started as soon as the start gate open with the last starter at 3:30 PM. A few had trouble out of the gate but some found good clouds to the west and were able to get on course. Several of the finishers reported being saved by burning wheat fields on the last leg and a couple of our 5 landouts were on the final leg later in the day after the fires had died. All in all it was a great day, everyone got a lot from the practice day, and we're ready to go racing tomorrow!

Posted: 7/3/2013


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