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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - Day 6, Evening Report

Who would have thought!

We woke up to grey skies and got hosed on during rigging - it was so sad to see the first 20 or so gliders sitting on the grid in the rain. The CD was not optimistic during the pilots meeting. and people lingered afterwards to exchange their plans for when the day got cancelled.

But the CD pulled one out of the hat: a 1.5 hr MAT, same for both Open and 15M with first turnpoint Denver City and then you're on your own - a free sky, if you can find some lift.

Gates opened late; 15:10 for Open's and 15:50 for 15M. Denver City is only 10 miles away, but min distance is 60 miles. And then it happens again: the dry line. The sun comes out, the sky regains energy, and if you made it to Denver City (10 miles) it got good beyond that. East / South East quadrant was good with nice Cu's up to 10,500ft. Not at all as high as the 16,000 ft earlier this week, but a nice surprise.

This turned out to be one of those 'Hail Mary' days that the guys on top of the score sheet dread, the ones at the bottom don't care for because it's a lot of work for a few points, and the ones who need a break hope for.

Some pilots decided it was worth to go over time, and most shook their heads upon return; where did this come from! The CD wondered if he undercalled the day.

In 15M Ken Sorenson and John Seaborn tied at a speed of 75.27 and 75.26 respectively. Dave Mockler is still in overall lead.

In Open class Heinz Weissenbuehler in the ETA Biter won the day at a speed of 81.04mph. Ron Tabery is still in first place overall, with Dick Butler in second and a very narrow spread between 4th and 5th ( 1 point!).

So HW wins the day, and in celebration we Sailed the Seas of Hobbs tonight.

Karin S.



Posted: 7/2/2013


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