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Region 10 Low Performance Contest - Tuesday End of Day

Well we had a good soaring day here in Kansas. Most pilots reported a few low points but with acres and acres of harvested wheat fields not too much to sweat about. Local Matt Gontizke made it around in his SH-1, on basically his first XC flight, well done Matt! Otherwise flights were made by the NG-1, Duster, Cherokee II, Apis, 1-34R, Lark, and late in the day Dartanyan took a tow in his beautiful Pioneer IID.

Several other ships have arrived and the trailer parking area is starting to fill up. Lots of activity around here and its really fun.

Jerry Boone almost made the task and in fact made it into the finish circle but too low for speed points as he landed out about 1/2 mile west of the airport. It was a quick retreive though and Charlie Hill and I had him back to Sunflower in just a few minutes.

Beautiful evening here and we'll be ready for the official Practice Day tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Posted: 7/2/2013


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