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Region 10 Low Performance Contest - Welcome to the Region 10 Low Performance Contest

Hello racing fans, welcome to the Region 10 Low Performance Contest. There was some flying activity ahead of the contest today on a nice July soaring day in Kansas. Highs were only in the mid 80's with Cu to the northeast. Chad Wille launched about 12:15 in the Niedrauer NG-1 and still hasn't landed. He was going for 100km distance on the OLC but it looks like instead he will just get the 5 hr duration and altitude gain to finish his Silver! Lauren Rezac flew the club Ka-6, Bob Holliday the Lark, and Matt Gonitzke made a few flights in his Austria SH-1. A few other pilots have arrived and more are expected tomorrow. We'll have some more pre-practice tomorrow and then the official practice day on Wednesday. The Organization is trying to get organized with general success, the airport is ready for the arrival of pilots and the weather is looking great. Talk to you tomorrow!

Posted: 7/1/2013


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