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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - Day 5 Evening Report

Yes, I know this report is late so by now you all checked the scores and know that  in 15M Mark Keene won the day at a speed of 78.02 miles/hr with Ken Sorenson and John Seaborn breathing down his neck.  Dave Mockler is still stong in the overall lead.

In Open Class, Ron Tabery won the day at 85.36 miles and takes the lead over DB with his Concordia. Third for the day was Philippe Athuil who had a great run in his ASH -25. Every time I see him take off with an empty back seat I grind my teeth...

It turned out to be a much better day than everyone expected this morning. By 3 pm, the sky was filled with Cu's and the 6 pm storms never happened - so far. Every finisher had a big smile on their face, despite some of the pitfalls along the way.

With the Region 9 and AirForce cadets leaving this morning, there are  about 30 pilots remaining in this 15M & open class National Championship, and things are surely more quiete today.  But for every pilot and crew there is a story, many of which I will never know since I was so busy crewing for my own pilot today. Such as B4, who had a great flight, if not for the fact that he forgot to program Hamilton as the last turnpoint/stearing point. Or my guy, HW, who had a triple equipment failure: radio did not transmit out, water did not dump etc. If not for TT Tim Taylor, who worked on our radio problem for 2 hrs,  it would not be fixed right now.

And then came the big storm warning. After we fixed the radio issues, the weather station started  bleeping at us: MAYOR STORM warning. When we realized this could be bad, lots of friends showed up and we took apart both big gliders; Concordia and ETA Biter. Thank you Team 98 and TT - again- for all your help. Unfortunately, Concordia did not fare well during the dis-assembly and at the time of posting this report, they are still working in the hangar to fix it and be ready for another soaring day in Hobbs tomorrow. This better be a big storm tonigh!!

Did I mention we had a finish line today? It was fabulous. Spratt would have loved it.

Karin S.


Posted: 6/30/2013


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