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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - R9 Sports winners are ...

What a nice evening and delicious dinner!

A couple of hours ago I got back from the awards hangar dinner for R9 Sports. It was a wonderful event, with happy and cheerful people, and most of all rested. I guess taking a day off from flying was good after all, if I judge by the relaxed faces there. In the evening the dust did calm down, but a t-storm was building during dinner and if my hearing is not tricking me I think is raining outside.

The Sports class winners were announced and congratulated by everybody present and it gives me great pleasure to post their names and picture here (from left to right) - LB - Louis McIntire in 2nd place, 3C - Ryan Charlie in 1st place, V2 - Randy Hollenberg in 3rd place Congratulations to all of you for safe flying and performance!



The enchiladas with beans and tortilla were delicious, everybody loved it, as they went for seconds and thirds. I would like to thank again the SSA staff for taking such great care of us in their free time, for their dedication and hard work so that we all can have a contest and be happy!



The Air Force team that flew in the Sports class attended the dinner, to our delight. I think all the pilots share my opinion when I say that these young men and woman were a delightful company, so young and fresh, especially out of their team uniforms and hats. :) I am looking forward to sharing with you all I've learned about their flying program and how much they work for this, but I will do this in a future separate post, with more info and pictures, once I get home.


Do keep an eye on the Nationals that will continue through next week. Karin (HW team) will write reports on the SSA page. 

Safe flying! and Good night to all from Hobbs!


Posted: 6/29/2013


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