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Region 2 North - Saturday Final Report

The better weather predicted yesterday for today seemed this morning to be coming to us.

There was some disagreement between the models, but we were optomistic that the best  day of the contest was coming.

Grid at 12:00.

Clouds forming had a couple flaws. First, they didn't look all that good and second, they were low.

Sniffer Mike Smith(CY) reported reasonable lift to 3100 agl and the launch began. Before we could get them all off, the first relights began.

While the lift was fair in spots, there was not the kind of general convection needed to fly cross country. The combination of a lot of moisture from recent rains and fairly strong winds made the day very marginal.

Advisors K21 and GL provided input but disqualified themselves due to their positions as leaders in both classes.

CD Jacquie scrubbed the day at 3:00.

A big thanks to Warren Cramer and his crew for providing us a good time in spite of really poor weather.

Our CD shows that she studied well under Dr. Spratt.

Big thanks also to Bill Thar as weather man and Rob Dunning for scoring.
All our Rookies had a safe a productive week and say they are coming again.

We'll do it again next year when the weather will be as good as it was bad this year.

See You at the airport


Posted: 6/29/2013


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