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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - Day 5 Hobbs, not a fly day in dust town

As I am writing these lines from my hotel room, I am looking outside and not much has changed in the way the sky looks and the sand being blown everywhere.



Do not be tricked, this is not a sunset at the airport, it is the way the grid looked around 11 am after the pilots meeting. As we headed for the meeting it all looked normal, we had our weather brief (which was not great, but we were still hoping to fly), congratulated the winners from yesterday and went outside to get ready. 

Rather than heading for brunch, we headed for the airport to secure the glider, as gusts of dust were blowing everywhere. This continued as we decided to put it in the trailer and in the end the CD decided to cancel the day, as the winds and dust continued.

We are still having our dinner tonight (Denise is making enchiladas :)) and give the awards for the Sports class, that ended today.

This is going to be my last day posting for Hobbs, as we are heading home tomorrow. Karin  Weissenbuehler is going to report on the SSA website - thank you Karin for agreeing to do this for all of us to continue enjoying the contest from a distance. 

I will make my last report tonight after the dinner and awards.


Posted: 6/29/2013


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