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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - Day 5 Hobbs, last one for the R9 Sports

Good morning,

Yesterday's weather was better than expected and all pilots came home happy. I think the CD called a good task allowing them to go where they choose after the first turn point, this way everybody could make their pick as clouds and stay away from any possible T-storms. It was another nice day in Hobbs, with only one land out, close and safe.  The wait for the launch to start has paid off. :)


The results for yesterday are: Open - Ron Tabery, Dick Butler, Steve Leonard; it's interesting to see that after yesterday the difference between DB in first overall and SS second is of only 8 points, so a very interesting race going on here; 15 m - Mark Keene, Dave Mockler and Eric Nelson; R9 Sports - Charlie Ryan, Louis McIntire and Randy Hollenberg, keeping the same order also for the  overall ranking.


Yesterday was actually that good that some of the Sports class guys wished they could fly with water.

Getting ready for the pilots meeting now, soon I will follow up with the weather for today and tasks.


Posted: 6/29/2013


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