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Region 6 North (R6N) - End of the contest

Friday, June 28 was cancelled due to weather based on thunderstorms in the forecast.  At about 4 pm, thunderstorms began coming through the task area, so everyone was happy with the decision. 

Saturday, June 29, was also cancelled based on the weather forecast.  The pilots woke up to low level clouds.  The forecast was much the same as yesterday with thunderstorms with the addition of water on the ground from yesterday's precipitation. The task committee recommended cancelling the day, and the pilots at the pilot meeting agreed.  

Congratulations to Manfred Franke for the win with 1522 points, Sean Fidler for second place with 1102 points, and JP Stewart for third place with 1052 points.  Thank you to all of the pilots for attending and great to see everyone!  

Posted: 6/29/2013


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