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Region 2 North - Day 4 Sports, Day 2 Bus

After strong storms last night we woke to a pleasant morning.
The weather forecasts all projected no reasonable possibility of soaring with a temperature- dew point spread of 9 degrees.

BUT- Local measurements with the Kestrel weather tool showed a dewpoint about 5 degrees lower than projected.

Jacquie and the advisors called for a reconvening of the pilots meeting at 11:30 to watch developments.

We gridded at 12:30 and the sniffer stuck on the second try.

Again today the lift was low, maxing most of the time at about 3700 feet, and commonly lower. Lift was 1-200 ft/ minute.

Gregg Leslie topped Sports again with a very good flight. John Dezzutti had a good second place. 3 pilots completed the 5 turn TAT.

In the 2 seater Bus class, leader Nick, hit the pavement early in tricky weak conditions. ACA did the task, but without a suitable logger.

K21 with Rachel in command, got around 1/2 the course and landed back. We went again and got part way around the course before hitting the ground.

We'll see if we got far enough to make it a scorable day.

Tomorrow is the last day and the weather looks better.

We'll see. (Posted 10:20 PM 6/28/13)


Late news- K21 managed to go far enough to make a day.

Charlie Spratt would have been pleased with how the team stuck with it and made a day out of not much.


Posted: 6/28/2013


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