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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - Day 4 Hobbs, NM

Good afternoon from Hobbs!

At the pilots meeting we had an interesting weather prediction - morning t-storms, 8 kts winds, partly sunny, scattered clouds of all kinds (see picture below), 99 F and chances of T-storms throughout the afternoon in different locations of the contest area, but plenty of lift - so the CD and his advisers did not have an easy day in figuring out the tasks so that the pilots are both challenged and not exposed to bad weather or risks due to that.


So the tasks now are:

Open - The task changed from Intersection 1.0 to the following - MAT 3 h min., Start D, Plaines, Finish

15 m - MAT 3 h min., Start C, Seminole, Finish

R9 Sports - MAT 2.5 h min., Start, Lovington, Finish

The start altitude was lowered to 10,000 ft MSL.

The morning safety talk was given by 7K - Mark Keene and it was very interesting - Managing the risk and how pilots should do their best and make their own decisions based not only in winning the race, but also in coming back safe to the loved ones; their future depends on how they manage the risk - well done Mark!

The launch was delayed until 1:30 PM so that better flying conditions should develop.

We hope they all come back safe after a fun day.


Posted: 6/28/2013


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