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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - End of day 3

Another Hobbs day!

As it got closer to 6 PM, I was sitting closer to my radio to hear the pilots coming in. And they did.


What a wonderful feeling to see your pilot coming home! I just had to look around and see all these ladies and kids with smiling faces - he's home and safe! - I think you can not truly imagine how it feels to have your loved one flying a race until it happens. Or just flying - he is up there, paying attention to a lot of factors and completely depending on his skills and the ones of his fellow pilots. You can not help. Just hope he will be back home safe. - And the pilots were smiling as well. What a nice day here in Hobbs!


We did have 2 landouts, both at airfields and safe.

The ranking for today looks like this: Open - Dick Butler, Ron Tabery and Al Tyler, just like yesterday - I am so proud of Al flying his 18 m with the big guys and doing a great job at it; 15 m - Rick Indrebo, John Seaborn and David Leonard - a little bit of a shuffle here; R9 Sports - Charlie Ryan, Randy Hollenberg and Louis McIntire. These are scores presented at this poin, there still are some people that did not submit a log, so we will see if that changes anything.

The weather for tomorrow seems to be changing from what I have seen and maybe have another great day, but nothing is for sure, we will know more tomorrow.

Good night to all.



Posted: 6/27/2013


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