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Region 2 North - No Contest Day... again.

The weather for Wurtsboro looked a bit more promising (expectation the night before was hopeless). It looked like there might be a 3 hour window of weak and low soaring.

With that, we gridded with a TAT that put the near edges of the cylinders close to home with 4 cylinders for Bus and 5 for Sports.

Cookie stuck on his second sniffer flight and launch was completed in about 25 minutes.

You writer maxed at 2800 AGL and the task was opened. With the geometry of the tasks this is a safe option.

Alas, I was the only one who could get a start and came back shortly with my tail between my legs. 3rd generation glider pilot Riley Dezzutti was my front seater today. He already has one win under his belt.

The coming system pushed a thick layer on us and the day died. The window turned out to be about 1-1/2 hr.


Friday truely looks hopeless but Saturday now shows some promise.


Posted: 6/27/2013


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