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Region 6 North (R6N) - Day 2.2, no fly day. Close but no cigar

Weatherman Daniel Sahzin woke up this moring with a snap in his step!  He was excited about the forecast and fairly confident that we would get a solid flying day in (perhaps a 2 hour task).  The tasking commitee agreeits good day was likely and 3 tasks to the north of Ionia were called including a 2 hour AAT, a 1.5 hour AAT and a 1.5 hour MAT.

Grid was moved back to 12:30 to allow the abundant low level Cu time to bake off.  At grid time it became apparent how high the humidity was.  The METARs showed lower humidity to the north and progressively higher humidity to the south.  The day before areas south of Ionia were pounded by an inch and a half if rainfall while areas north recieved much less rain.  Ionia was still at 70% humidity by 1:30 and several delays were called as cloud base was hanging at 2000 AGL.  Meanwhile cloud base in the north tasking area was almost 2x higher at 3500 AGL (Alma).  So we waited and hoped that cloud base would increase enough to launch!

By 3pm with task time running out, sniffers were again launched and cloud base was still, unfortunately, hovering at 3000 MSL and 2200 AGL.  The decision to scrub the day was sadly issued shortly after that.  The Cu, although low, was abundant and beautiful.  Roughly 10 of the 14 gliders in the contest took tows and practiced around the airport for an hour or two.  Although we did not attempt the task, flying was very enjoyable for the group!

After flying our social schedule called for BBQ night!  Irn Jousma (local pilot and outdoorsman) brought in some of his own smoked salmon as an appetizer.   Everyone was amazed at how fantastic this salmon was!   Meanwhile several pilot slots (Ethan and Sean) entertained the crowd with RC a flying out in front of the party.  The grill soon kicked off (thanks to CD Bob Fidler for manning) numerous steaks, burgers and brats and everyone had a truly great time.  

A huge thanks to Tiffany Fidler and Laura Betzoldt for making some large salads and getting the BBQ night prepared!  Most stayed until nearly sunset, enjoying music, great jokes and good conversations, before retiring.  It was a great party (see photo!)!!!

Tomorrow looks possible with frontal passage and cooler temps and lower humidity.  Fingers crossed!!!!  We need one more day for a contest and two more for full value!!!  :-)


Sean Fidler,






Posted: 6/27/2013


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