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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - And a good day here in Hobbs

Good evening,

Today the grid and launch went as scheduled, with an already well established procedure made possible by Edre and the ground crew. We have now for the last few days some of the pilots kids helping on the runway - Ron Tabery's son and Mark Keene's 3 kids. They proved to be so responsible and sweet in doing their jobs. :)DSC_1828 DSC_1835 DSC_1838 

As pilots started coming in I noticed it was earlier than expected (and that is shown by the big amount that flew less than minimum time), just as the tracker was showing. We only had 1 landout at an airfield and an easy and safe retrieve. Such a relief after a day like yesterday, for everybody involved - crew, staff, pilots.

Please check the scores, although not all pilots got scored up to this point -http://scores.qtsolutions.com/. Happy to see in Open a dear friend and favorite leading - DB. I always wanted to see the Concordia at it's best and on a day like today it just shined! Ron Tabery and Al Tyler, another dear friend, are occupying 2nd and 3rd for the day. In 15 m we have Dave Mockler, Dennis Linnekin Captain America :) and John Cockrane. In Sports Randy Hollenberg came in first, followed by Ryan Charlie and Bob DeLeon. We will see if any changes will happen to the scores tomorrow, once all flight logs have been processed.

DL said it was an incredible day, with great soaring and lots of fun. Many said the same thing, with the only mention - to the North the weather failed again.

Tomorrow brings a lot of hope to all of us here, as it is showing even better - that is why we all drove for hundreds of miles and more to come here and bare the sun!

I am still trying between all my running around here to get together with the Air Force pilots and see how they feel about soaring and contests. Maybe tomorrow.

PS - Today the character in the picture here jumped into Denise's car and claimed the spot of start of the day. I do hope nobody claims him and I get to take him home; his name will be Hobbs. :)


Good night to all,


Posted: 6/26/2013


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