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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - Day 2 Hobbs

After yesterday, we all seemed a little slowed down today at the pilot's meeting.

Just a short brief of the meeting - we were welcomed by a Hobbs Chamber of Commerce official that shows us how much SSA is appreciated here and that the community is happy to have us flying at Hobbs. 

The weather - blue day, 8 kts winds with 18 kts gusts, 106 F, no precipitation. 10,000 ft MSL at 3 PM and stronger winds in the evening.

Yesterdays winners - 15 m - 711 - Tom had a great day flying and lots of fun; Open - SS Ron had quite an adventure flying in a flooded canopy, as his water valve separated and the water traveled towards the fuselage and into the canopy, but he still made the besft flight of the day in Open, so congratulations - repairs were done until late at night to replace the valve; R9 Sports - 3C described the day as good but challenging. Well done guys.

As I walked into the retrieve office I counted 17 land-outs, quite a significant number, as the North part of the task became really challenging for many.

HK - Gary Carter had an off-field landing North towards Portales and an accident, damaging his glider. Gary is well and got home safe.

Now the tasks:

15 m/ Open: TAT - 4h min. - Brownfield, Andrews, Morton, Finish - 287 sm

R9 Sports - MAT - 3 h min. - Andrews, Lovington, Finish - 131 sm

Max. MSL 11,000 ft, start radius, 5 sm, finish 4,500 MSL

The grid is set, first launch scheduled for 1 PM.

More soon.


Posted: 6/26/2013


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