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Region 2 North - Day 3 - K21 Report

The forecast from one source for Tuesday was slightly less heating with expected overdevelopment in the afternoon. Other sources were slightly less pessimistic.

Grid was 12:00 and all were ready to go. Sniffer John Dezzutti reported usable lift shortly after release and the launch started at 1:00. Launch took about 40 minutes.

The Sports guys got up with varying degrees of ease and their task opened with a 1 turn MAT using Ellenville as the first turn.,

The 2 seaters (now called the Bluebird Bus Class by our CD ) did not get up quite as well due to weakening lift. Shortly before the scheduled opening, blowoff from a 29,000 foot thunderstorm about 30 miles away pretty much shut off the lift for all but those that were very high. Bus advisor K21 called the task off  due to low likelihood of a fair chance to compete. No objections were voiced.

Back to Sports. 3 of the 11 that started went beyond minimium distance. Most others did 25 to 30 miles and all landed safely at home or on airports.

Journeyman Gregg Leslie made it 3 in a row for the "new " '20. Paul Seifried and newcomer Daniel Zelek rounded out the speed scores.

With dew points in the high 60's it is really hard to get much, but we are having fun.  Warren Cramer's low key organizing style is yielding a very pleasant , if not high scoring contest.

I had another young guy today who got to fly the '21 for the first time and learned some ridge soaring as well as what contests are about. Tomorrow he is crew.

We''ll try again tomorrow.


Posted: 6/25/2013


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