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2013 15 Meter/Open Class Nationals - Day 1 for the Nationals and R9 Hobbs, NM

Good afternoon from Hobbs!

As the weather brief this morning told us, it will get  hotter and hotter here, starting to resemble more as Hobbs weather. Today we will have less winds, still from the SE and better flying conditions overall. And if I look outside, I do see some scattered Cu’s.

The tasks today are long I would say, especially for day 1 – min. 4 h for Open/ 15 m and 350 miles total (Andrews, Portales, RRxing, Eunice, Finish) and min. 3h for R9.


Just a quick sum up since yesterday afternoon – we had a wonderful hangar gathering sponsored by the SSA, followed by the mandatory pilots meeting. The CD decided on a finish cylinder for everybody until the regional ends, then we will have a finish line. QT (John Godfrey), our scorer from a distance got together with us via telephone and described the scoring process – nice and easy I would say, just submit the logs by email to him. Let me remind you his website – http://scores.qtsolutions.com/ - for quick updated scores. These will also be posted on the SSA website.

This morning at 10am we had the pilots meeting and the weather brief – we are hoping that today is just the start of some great flying and Hobbs weather – 103 F today and getting higher tomorrow.


53 gliders launched today nice and smoothly and you can see how they are doing on the SSA live tracker – http://ssa.org/sailplanetracker/default.asp?. The gate opened at 1345 for 15m, 1402 for Open and 1423 for R9.

Tonight we have a hangar dinner that everybody is looking forward to and I would like to that again to the SSA staff for all their efforts for making this happen. These ladies here cover all their office duties and also help us with the contest and stay way over the working hours to make our dinners possible and I really want them to know how much we appreciate all this.

I am on the pilot-crew frequency now and it is silent. I do hope on lots of fun for our pilots up there, safe and enjoyable.

PS: I did meet the Air Force team last evening, wonderful young men and woman. I will write soon about their soaring program and how they enjoy sharing the sky with us.

More soon,


Posted: 6/25/2013


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