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Region 2 North - Day 2 Sports, Day 1 Bus

Day 2 started with a projection from weatherman Bill of slightly better than yesterday. I would say that it delivered as Bill projected.

Sports off again first with sniffer Gregg reporting 3 knots.

Only one relite today.

Sports was again won by GL with a handicapped speed of 43.8 mph. Richard Kaleta is doing well in the PW-5 and is solidly in second place.

8 out of 14 finished today. It was still quite tricky with storms a factor late in the day.


In Bus class, Nikola Gradinski won with the fastest overall handicapped speed of the day at 45 mph. Bob Cook followed at 40mph.

Your writer provided Michelle with a lesson in low ridge saves lasting 35 minutes or so. No reason to rush the learning experience.

I think scorer Rob chose to calculate ourspeed with a calendar.

There is no weather change in sight so we will keep working to get tasks in this weak and tricky weather.

K21- kid mentor

Posted: 6/24/2013


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