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Region 2 North - Practice Day - P3 Report

Practice Day

We have 21 racers signed up for the 2013 Region 2 contest here at historic Wurtsboro Airport.   It's particularly nice to see a lot of new faces who are just starting out.    We also have the Bus Class back again by popular demand.  These are mid-performance trainers (Grobs and ASK-21s) with experienced pilots bringing along newcomers for their first racing experience.    Wurstboro, Freedom's Wings, Aero Club Albatross, and Valley Soaring have all fielded buses this year.  There's a lot of shade available while we wait on the grid! 
Practice day featured hazy, hot, humid conditions with some very weak lift.   Those who took tows reported broken thermals to 4,000, and no serious XC was attempted. 
In the evening, Hank Nixon conducted his famous Newbie School for beginning racers.   Hank tries to demystify things such as the start cylinder, AATs, MATs, and other nuances of modern racing.   He also sets the tone by reinforcing the need to fly within one's capabilities.    The 2 hours flew by.    
So that's it for practice day.   A strong Bermuda High has set up over the mid-Atlantic states, so expect summer time conditions for the next several days.   With any luck we'll get some short tasks in.
- P3 (of Team ACA)

Posted: 6/22/2013


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