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Region 6 North (R6N) - Day 1.1

This mornings forecast was iffy again.  Scattered clouds at 5000' to high overcast at 20,000.  The grid time was moved back to 12:30.  Alberto Negro served as sniffer today launching at 1:10.  Alberto reported broken lift, around 2kts topping out at 3500 MSL.  After another 30 minutes we had 3800 and the launch began.

The start was delayed several times until 3:15.  Conditions were weak and the cumulus clouds enjoyed early in the day began to dry out considerably and conditions where basically blue on the first leg with widely scattared Cu.

Manfred Franke managed to fly 67 miles with an average speed of 34 mph to win the day with 850 pts.  Marian Wadja flew an excellent task to take second with 45 miles and 26 mph for 650 points.  Junior star JP Stewart finished 3rd with 57 miles, 25.3 mph and 633 points.

A moderate thunderstorm rolled thru the airport roughly an hour after the finish and we all felt fortunate to have squeeked in our first contest day.


Sean & Tiffany Fidler 

Posted: 6/24/2013


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