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Region 2 North - Day 1 - K21 (UH) Report

Day one at Wurtsboro started with weather expert Bill Thar predicting that it was unlikley that the weather would support a task.

Practice day yielded almost no usable lift.

Grid time was 12:00 with sniffer Gregg Leslie finding usable lift to about 3600 feet. Launch proceeded and the Sports Class stuck. The task for Sports opened at 1:30and most pilots were on course to assigned first turn at Ellenville very quickly.

The 2 seat "Bus" class was less fortunate as they missid the narrow usable launch window. With all 2 seaters back on the ground, some having taken 2 tows, the day was cancelled in Bus.

In Sports, veteran Gregg Leslie, flying his newly restored ASW-20, won the day with a distance of a bit over 100 miles.

The high point for the Bus folks was Michelle (K21) getting to fly a Tiger  Moth.

We are stuck in a hot, stable, air mass that will make this a difficult week to fly cross country.
Stay tuned  

K21 (UH)

Posted: 6/23/2013


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