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Region 6 North (R6N) - Day 1 - almost a fly day

This mornings weather report (thanks Daniel Sahzin) was widely varied based on the various models at the  9am task planning meeting.  High clouds were forecast but none of any sort developed all day (go figure).  This allowed heating to occur rapidly and give us a chance for a short, later in the day task despite the relatively high BS ratios.  A short, 1:30 AAT from Ionia to Fitch Beach to Hastings (both with 10 mile cylinders) and finish back at Ionia was set.  

NB, John Iacobucci, sniffed in his Ventus 2cxm and struggled to stay much above pattern altitude in the weak, fairly broken conditions until finally returning to the field after 45 minutes.  Surface winds were SW 10-20 mph.  Shortly after NB landed, a peculiar line of lift developed to the NW of Ionia running SW to NE and (F2) Sean Fidler headed up to see what he could find. Unfortunately the lift was not consistent enough or high enough (3400 MSL) to justify a launch and the task was called off at 3pm By CD Robert Fidler.

Tommorow looks to have a similar unpredictable nature to its forecast.  It could be good or bad based on the timing of the rain showers that will pass south of us this evening.  Fingers crossed!

Sean & Tiffany Fidler (F2)

Posted: 6/23/2013


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