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Region 6 South - Contest Summary

In the Handicapped FAI Class, Ron Ridenour (MT) continued his domination and was the FAI class winner. Although Day 3 had some individual changes in ranking, there were no overall changes in ranking from Day 2 with Wilfied Krueger (K2) taking second and Mike Shakman (SH) third.

In Sports Class, JP's day 3 win and Daniel Sazhin's land out made for interesting results. Manfred Franke held on for the class win by 11 points. Considering that JP had a 10 point finish penalty, the results were extremely close. Jim Price flew well and finished third overall.

It was safe contest and hopefully fun for everyone. As with any contest, there were many CCSC volunteers that made this contest possible and thanks to all.

Frank Paynter and Rolf Hegele

Posted: 6/16/2013


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