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Region 6 South - Day 6, Contest Day 3

I apologize for not getting a report up yesterday. After the end of the contest, the awards ceremony, dinner, cleanup, and a few beers, I didn't have the energy to finish the reporting.

The sun was shining when I got up but by the time I got to CCSC, a high overcast had moved in. Weatherman and CD, Frank Paynter, was concerned about how quickly it would move in and whow it would impact the day. The initial call for Task A was a TAT with 20 and 25 mile circles around Hook and Outlet Mall respectively Sports Class had a two hour minimum while Handicapped FAI Class had a minimum time of 2 1/2 hours. Task B was a MAT with turnpoints at Hook (19), Greene County (16), Clinton County (7), Frith (14), and Lebanon (21) with a two hour minimum for Sports and 2 1/2 hours for FAI.

The grid time was noon and the sniffer went up 10 minutes earlier. After not finding reliable lift to get above 2300 AGL, he returned and staged for another flight at 12:40 PM. This time he was able to climb above 2500 AGL and the launch was on. AFter launching both fleets, task advisors indicated that climbs were marginal so the gate opening was delayed. The additional time gave the high cirrus time to move out of the task area and conditions slowly improved. However, the advisors recommended that the task be changed to Task B, with a 2 hour minimum time for each class. As it turns out, both classes opened at the same time, and the race was on.

Listening to the day winners, Ron Ridenour (FAI) and JP Stewart (Sports), they had exactly opposite experiences; one found the first leg difficult with a strong leg 2, while the other had a strong first leg and a soft second leg. It turned out to be a devalued day, but made for some interesting results.


Posted: 6/15/2013


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