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Region 11 North-Montague - Day 4 Report 2T

Day 4 Report – Peter Deane 2T FAI Combined Class 

Race Fans – The weather discussion at breakfast was all around how poor the forecasts appeared to be for the day  - from variable cumulus of yesterday with a cold northerly, to clear skies , no cu, low max altitudes forecasted and light easterly winds.

The FAI Combined Class had a creative AST with 5 turnpoints sending us south to Callahan, NW to Quartz, east to Grenada, south again to China Mtn, then east across the Shasta valley to Deer Mtn, north up the Goosenest ridge to Copco and home for a nominal 155miles. The start period was weak and characterized by the entire class floating around at the top of a series of jumbled thermal tops over Forest Mtn – the cores were disorganized and confusing leading to some difficulties getting the gaggle organized.

The start gate was eventually opened at 2.30pm and most had started by 2.45pm. Some significant gaggling in the blue down to Callahan and back to the hills south of Duzel to pump up prior to crossing the Scott valley NW to Quartz.  The route east from Quartz to Grenada presented several options and barriers – I went slightly north of track to Forest Mtn and then on to Antelope Mtn near Yreka, pumping up there for the glide into the Shasta valley to Grenada. – back to Antelope and then run the ridge south to China Mtn – as I had pulled out about 8 minutes on the main start gaggle by this time but running south to China nothing worked at all and I spend 15 minutes clawing my way up from 6000 on the eastern flanks to 9500 near China peak to make the valley crossing – as the rest of the fleet arrived ven lower than me… After the climb I arriving over Deer Mtn without a bump on the long glide across. No lift near Deer Mtn and I ran the Goosenest ridge low on the western Shasta valley side not wanting to get trapped on the east side. I found the convergence line between prevailing easterlies and the valley air low on the ridges there and took a 5700ft climb at 5kn to get on top of the ridge and glide home round Copco praying for benign air.  We had 7 landouts today which gives a sense of the difficulty in getting across the valley. Sergio (C2) went across the valley low rather than spend the time climbing first and our raw speeds were close.

Tomorrow is the last contest day  – by all accounts the weather should be a lot better than today so we are hoping for a really good last day.

Posted: 6/14/2013


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