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Region 11 North-Montague - Day 2 Report by 2T

Day 2 Report – Peter Deane 2T FAI Combined Class


Race Fans - With the low pressure system to the south moving east last night we had considerably more cu than yesterday and with the instability and moisture we had very variable cloudbases making for some interesting flying.


The FAI Combined Class had a western area TAT of 3 hrs with a great run to the first point in the mountains at Carter along an arching convergence line from Duzel to Carter with bases around 9k-9.5kft  into Carter and 11k at the 2nd turn China Mtn – with bases relatively low over the spectacular peaks at Carter. The run north from China Mtn turnpoint to R-Ranch was tricky for some but if you could get to (the quite variable) cloudbase you could run up the side of the convergence above cloudbase and make good progress.  I had a remarkably long run of  86km at 90mph and 54:1 from the Duzel area to to northern edge of the RRanch turn and back to Gunsight in the blue before connecting with a long deep climb to 12.5k at Forest Mtn which allowed me to run deep into the turn at Wright (again in the blue). Turning SE again for the last turn area at China Mtn involved crossing the Scott Valley and I lucked out with a 6kn climb in the blue in the middle of the valley that allowed me to push to the convergence line now moving east of Duzel, where I hooked another 6kn and ran the clouds deep into the south of the turn area along the spectacular flanks of Mt Eddy and then a high speed final glide to Montague for a task time of 3hrs and 37 seconds.


What can I say about Montague – it still never ceases to surprise me, the first days were sweltering in 95 to 100F heat, today we are cold in a 70F northerly breeze, the conditions are varied and interesting, not to forget the majestic scenery. We fly, we land, we are forced to drink beer and eat fine food and swap lies with friends and then we get to do it all again tomorrow. Life is good.

Posted: 6/11/2013


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